The Electric Cars and Alternative vehicles wiki!

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See the St. Mark's electric and biodiesel vehicles.

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Picture_6.pngThe purpose of this wiki is to share experiences:

  • electric, hybrid and biofuel transportation

  • racing

  • experimental vehicles

  • student engineering

  • other related topics.

How to start your electric vehicle's own wiki page.

We invite others who have EVs, especially other TdS and 21stCAC teams, to join this wiki. Then you can create a new wiki page about your own vehicle here. Or click "New Page" at the top of the sidebar, then go for it! Be sure to include pictures of your vehicle!

Upcoming events for electric vehicles:

Please add your event info below!
Jan '09 -
Feb '09 -
Mar '09 -
Apr '09 - 21st Century Automotive Challenge, TBA. Contact:
May '09 - Sunday, May 3 EV-ent in Macungie, PA. See wiki page.
Jun '09 - EV Conversion Workshop in Lansdale, PA, June 22 - 26. See wiki page.

Thanks for looking! If you'd like us to make a presentation of our EV or biodiesel projects to your group, or if you have an interesting idea for a collaborative transportation project, contact us. Email to